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When it is chilly at bedtime, nothing beats a warm mug of hot chocolate. Or a hot cup of coffee on a crisp Fall morning. Camping kettles deliver that and more. In fact, it's possible to use your kettle for food preparation too. A camping kettle is a useful piece of camping gear. Have a look and see what makes them perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

How We Uncover The Best For You

We love finding products for you that will make your camping trip special. We read thousands of reviews, get advice from other campers and draw on our own experience so that we can find the best products. That way you can save your time for the fun stuff. We have found some awesome camping kettles for you.

Best For Versatility

GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle

A Cracking Choice For A Versatile Camping Kettle


We Chose This Because

  • Clever Design Features
  • Versatile
  • Durable

Things We Love

The GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle is a great option for anyone looking for a well-designed kettle. It works on a campfire, camp stove, and even in the house on the electric range. The wide design enables even and quick boiling and a sturdier structure than taller narrow options. The best part is that the wide lid easily allows you to double it up as a pot for soup, porridge, rice or lovely veggies. Whether you're looking for a functional kettle for your next camping trip or a stylish addition to your kitchen, the GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle is a great choice.

Things To Know

When choosing a camping kettle, it's important to find one that is both lightweight and durable. The GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle is made with brushed stainless steel, making it a strong and durable option. And at 9.3 ounces, it's light and compact. It also has a folding handle, making it easy to pack and carry. With the GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle, you can relax knowing you have a reliable and easy-to-use kettle.

Best Backpacking Kettle

Overmont Camping Kettle

A Cracking Choice For Backpackers


We Chose This Because

  • Easily Transportable
  • Quick Boiling
  • Compact

Things We Love

The Overmont Camping Kettle is the perfect option for backpacking or camping. It's lightweight (11.3oz) and compact, and comes with a handy carry bag for packing. The kettle can be hung from your backpack for easy carrying. The kettle is made of durable stainless steel and has a foldable handle for easy packing. Thanks to the foldable handle, it's even more compact than its already small size. The Overmont Camping Kettle is perfect for backpacking trips.

Things To Know

The kettle is made from food-grade aluminum for durability, and it's quick to boil. The kettle holds 1.2 liters, which is enough for two servings. There is also a smaller model available. Thanks to the insulated handle, it's easy to pour hot water without burning yourself. The small size makes it easy to pack, and the price is unbeatable. This kettle is great for anyone looking for a great backpacking kettle.

Best Family Camping Kettle

GSI Halulite Kettle

A Cracking Choice For Families


We Chose This Because

  • Large Capacity
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Innovative Features

Things We Love

The GSI Halulite Kettle is a great choice for a family on a camping holiday. It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry, and it has a capacity of 1.8 liters, making it large enough to make several cups of cocoa or tea. It's also quick to boil, so you won't have to wait long for your hot drinks. Plus, it's easy to clean with a large lid, making it ideal for family or group use. The handle snaps out of the way for safe cooking, making it a great choice for the campsite.

Things To Know

The GSI Halulite Kettle is a great choice for campers, backpackers and even home use. The kettle is made from Halulite metal alloy which enables even heating and is great at resisting scratches and dents. The kettle also has helpful volume markings on the side so you can easily see how much water you have. The handle is also designed to stay cool to the touch. The strong, stylish and sleek-looking kettle is a great quality kettle that is sure to last for many years of use.

Best Budget Camping Kettle

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle

A Cracking Choice For Campers On A Budget


We Chose This Because

  • Affordability
  • Easy of Use
  • Safety Features

Things We Love

The REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, reliable kettle for their next camping trip. This kettle is made from high-quality materials and backed by a 365-day manufacturer warranty, so you can be confident that it will last. The kettle also packs down well in its mesh bag for easy storage and is extremely portable with its lightweight 7.1 ounces. Whether you're boiling water for coffee or tea, this kettle will make the job quick and easy. So next time you head out into the great outdoors, be sure to pack the REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle.

Things To Know

The REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean kettle. Made with hard anodized aluminum, this kettle has great heat transfer, so you can quickly boil water for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The short spout makes pouring easy, and the silicone-coated handle locks in position whilst in use, so you don't have to worry about getting burned. Plus, the handle protects you from any heat, so you can feel confident using this kettle even when it's hot outside. Whether you're camping, hiking, or on a budget backpacking trip, the REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle is a great choice.

Best Camping Kettle For Travelling Light

MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle

A Cracking Choice For Campers On The Go


We Chose This Because

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Versatile Use
  • Simple Reliable Design

Things We Love

The MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and sturdy kettle. Made from titanium, it is strong and durable, yet still lightweight enough to be portable. The kettle also comes with a great-fitting lid, which helps to prevent drips and spills when pouring.

And because it is large enough to accommodate pasta, eggs, soup, porridge, or hot chocolate, the Big Titan Ultralight Kettle is a versatile cooking tool that can be used for more than just making tea or coffee. So whether you're camping, hiking, or just looking for a reliable kettle for your home kitchen, the MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle is an excellent option.

Things To Know

The MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight kettle. This kettle boils water quickly and transfers heat very well, making it perfect for our group of 2-4 people.

The handles on this kettle fold up, making it easy to pack and store. Additionally, the kettle is super light at only 6.4 ounces, making it perfect for backpacking trips. Overall, we highly recommend the MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle for anyone looking for a great ultralight option.

Best Camping Kettle For You?

We have compiled a mini Buyer's Guide to help you navigate the choices of camping kettles for your next camping trip.

When choosing a camping kettle, you need to consider the following factors:


The most important factor is probably going to be the size of the kettle. After all, if you're buying a kettle for camping, then you'll need one that's big enough to boil water for all your needs.

How much water do you want to boil at once? Consider the size of your camping party. If you're planning to boil water for a large group, you'll need camping tea kettles with a capacity of at least 2 liters.


How heavy is the kettle? Is it something you can easily carry around with you? If you're planning on doing a lot of hiking, then you'll want to choose a lighter option. But if weight isn't as much of an issue, then you might want to opt for a sturdier kettle that can withstand being banged around a bit.


Does the kettle take up a lot of space in your backpack or storage area?


Is the kettle easy to operate? If you're planning to use it primarily for boiling water, then you'll want to choose a kettle with a simple design that's easy to operate.

Think about how easy the kettle is to clean. If you're using it for brewing coffee, then you'll want something that's easy to clean so that you don't have to spend ages scrubbing at a stained pot.

The Best Camping Kettles - Your Questions Answered

Found one that looks good for your camping adventure? You may still have a few questions, so we like to include some answers to frequently asked questions we uncover along the way when we are researching.

Your Answers Are Just A Short Distance Away, Keep Reading!

Can You Boil Water Over A Campfire?

Boiling water is one of the most basic cooking skills, but it can be challenging to do over a campfire. The first step is to choose one of the camping kettle options. 

While there are many different types on the market, it's important to choose one made from durable materials and has a good-sized opening. This will make it easier to get the water boiling quickly. 

Once you've chosen your kettle, it's time to get started. Fill it with water and place it over the hottest part of the fire. If the flames are too high, they can cause the water to boil over, so it's important to adjust them as needed. If the flames are too low it will take ages to heat so you would need to add extra chopped firewood

Once the water in your camping kettle reaches a rolling boil, it's ready to use. Whether you're making coffee or tea, or want to purify some water, boiling is a simple and effective way to do it. Just remember to be safe and have fun while you're camping!

How Do You Make Toast When Camping?

Making toast when camping is easy as long as you have the right supplies. All you need is a toaster and some bread. If you don't have a toaster, you can use a pan or griddle over an open flame. Just place the bread on the pan or griddle and heat it until it's toasty brown. Be sure to flip the bread so that both sides get evenly toasted. Enjoy your delicious toast with butter, jam, or any other toppings you like. Bon appetit!

Can You Use An Electric Kettle For Camping?

If you are camping in a campsite with an electrical outlet, an electric kettle is suitable for camping because it doesn't require any flame or heating element to operate. This makes it a great option for campsites that don't allow open flames. Plus, an electric kettle is a quick and easy way to heat up water for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while you're camping.

Just be sure to bring along an extension cord if necessary so you can plug the kettle into an outlet at your campsite. And be sure to pack any adapters needed to fit the electrical outlet at your campsite.

If you are camping where you are able to use it on an open flame, a camping kettle may be a good idea. Most camping kettles have wider lids, which makes them more versatile. Some campers use their kettle to make things like oatmeal and to boil pasta.

With a few simple tips, you can quickly boil water over a campfire. First, make sure that you have a good bed of hot coals. You'll need to place your pot or pan near the hottest part of the coals, as it's important to have enough heat. If necessary, add more chopped wood to the fire to create a hot bed of coals.

You may be able to hang your cast iron kettle on a tripod above the flame as you could a pot or dutch oven.

Where Is MSR Titanium Made?

Titanium is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. 

Titanium is resistant to corrosion in seawater, aqua regia, and chlorine and has properties that make it an ideal metal for many industrial and consumer applications. 

Msr titanium products are made with this versatile metal. Because it is strong yet lightweight, titanium is perfect for camping and backpacking cookware, as well as bicycle frames and components. 

In addition, it is non-toxic and corrosion-resistant, making it safe for cooking and eating. Msr titanium products are made to last, whether you're using them at home or on your next adventure. So if you're looking for quality cookware or gear that will stand up to the elements, be sure to check out Msr's titanium products.

How Long Does It Take To Boil A Kettle On A Camping Stove?

Boiling water over a camping stove can take longer than boiling it in a regular kettle because a camping kettle doesn't have an internal element. It usually takes about 10 minutes to boil a kettle on a camping stove.

When boiling water on a camping stove, it's important to make sure the pot or kettle is sitting on top of the burner in such a way that the flames are directly touching the bottom of the pot or kettle. If there isn't enough contact between the flames and the pot or kettle, it will take longer for the water to boil.

Be careful not to set up your stove in a draught. If the flame gets blown sideways it won't heat as well.

You could also heat your kettle by placing it on the griddle of your camping kitchen if you brought that along instead of your gas camping stove.

Do Battery Operated Kettles Exist?

Yes, but they are not easy to come by. You can find some that are designed for heating water for a cup of coffee, which is probably less than you need on a campsite. You are far better off finding yourself a great camping kettle to use on your campfire or camping stove.

Can You Boil A Kettle In A Tent?

Not really. Yes, you can boil a kettle in a tent, as long as you have access to a heat source. However, if you're camping, and you use a stove or campfire to boil water, you would be better off boiling your kettle outside of the tent.

Safety is always paramount when working with fire, so make sure to take all necessary precautions. Boiling water in a tent is quite safe if you are boiling water in an electric kettle, but significantly more dangerous if you are using flame, whether your gas camping stove or an open campfire.

What Is A Ghillie Kettle?

A Ghillie Kettle is a small, portable stove that is perfect for camping. It is light and easy to carry and can be used to cook meals or boil water. The kettle has a removable chimney that allows you to control the heat, and there is also a simmer ring that can be used to create a lower heat for slow cooking. The Ghillie Kettle is a great choice for backpackers who want an easy-to-use, reliable stove.

As you can see your camping kettle is a really good addition to your camping gear. You will need to boil water for many things, from preparing a hot drink to cooking, from cleaning your camp kitchen to having warm water in your camping shower. A camping kettle is designed with functionality in mind. I am so pleased we have found some cracking choices for you.

Our Choice For Versatility

GSI Outdoors Glacier Kettle

Our Choice For Backpacking

Overmont Camping Kettle

Our Choice For Families

GSI Halulite Kettle

Our Choice For Campers On A Budget

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Kettle

Our Choice For Campers Travelling Light

MSR Big Titan Ultralight Kettle

So whether your camping kettle sits proudly in your camp kitchen or spends the day bouncing behind the backpack, we know you will be glad to have it along with you. I hope you found this article useful and that soon you will be in front of that campfire or snuggling in your sleeping bag with a warm beverage at hand.

Keep Asking Questions And We Will Keep Finding Answers For You.

Make Your Choice A Cracking One!

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