If you want the best camping experience possible, you need a Mess Kit. Mess Kits save so much space packing since you don't need to pack loads of pots and pans and all your cutlery! It's all conveniently packaged into just the essentials so you can enjoy your meals without having to lug around half the kitchen! I love them, and so I thought it would be a great idea to introduce a selection of my favourites, so you can grab one before your next trip.

It's one of the best purchases I've made and I'm sure you'll feel the same!

How We Uncover The Best For You

We are happy to draw on our experience when we write these reviews. We also do a lot of research and get other campers' opinions. That way we hope to provide you with the best information possible to make your choice easier. We uncovered the best products to fit the relevant categories below.

Best 4-Person Camping Mess Kit

GSI Pinnacle Camper Mess Kit

A Cracking Choice For Families


Things We Love

This is a really nifty piece of kit, especially if you're cooking for 4 people! It fits together really well into a small pack and only comes out at 3.6 lbs which is ideal for a quick family trip away. What's more, beyond the cooking equipment (including a high quality non stick Teflon Pan) it comes with a basin so you can wash up nicely after your bacon and eggs in the morning!

Things To Know

The Mess Kit includes 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs and 2 pots (2L&3L), as well as a frying pan, and it all comes in a nice stuff sack. The pots and pans are made from high quality aluminium with non stick teflon coatings, and they come with a detachable handle that clips into place on any of the pans, making the packing and storage so much easier than bringing pots and pans from home!

Best Couples Camping Mess Kit

MSR Quick Camping Mess Kit

A Cracking Choice For A Romantic Getaway


Things We Love

The complete set is made of 8 pieces and still weighs under 2 lbs! The clever design of the cookware means it is also incredibly easy to store and carry with you on long hikes - fitting perfectly into the 2L pot.

Things To Know

The set includes a 1.5L & 2L pot (as mentioned above), 2 plates, and 2 cups for your morning brew of choice. There is also a shared pot handle, pot lid with a hole for straining and insulating lids for the cups. The 1.5 L pot is also non-stick so you can cook to your heart's content without worrying about stuff sticking to the pan.

Best Budget Camping Mess Kit

Stanley Base Camp Mess Kit for 4

A Cracking Choice For Cheap And Cheerful Camping


Things We Love

I think the Stanley Base Mess Kit is a great option for your next camping trip, you won't find many better for the price! It's super easy to clean and is made of durable rust-proof and scratch-proof stainless steel which is ideal for camping.

Things To Know

As well as a 3.5 L pot this mess kit comes with a frying pan, cutting board, a drying rack and heat resistant rack and locking band to keep it all safe.

It comes with 4 plates and bowls, and on the cutlery side it comes with a spatula, serving spoon and sporks, so you can enjoy whatever you've made from scallops to soup.

Best Ultralight Camping Mess Kit

Snow Peak Trek Titanium Mess Kit

A Cracking Choice For A Lightweight Adventure


Things We Love

I love to cook, and on camping trips that sometimes means bringing a heavy pot to cook in, which is a hassle to have to carry, especially if you're backpacking. That's why I absolutely love this Mess kit - it's made from lightweight material and weighs less than 0.5 lbs!!!

Things To Know

What's really clever is the pot lid doubles perfectly as a pan so you save on space and weight, which I think is genius. The kit is simple and consists of a pot and pan and when you're camping light that's all you really need! There is space inside the pot for a small stove or canister, or if you plan on using foraged wood then there is some extra space for ingredients!

The titanium equipment is durable and rust resistant, and the food you cook on it won't take on a metallic taste, so all your bases are covered! Go out and grab one for your backpacking adventures today.

Best Solo Camping Mess Kit

GSI Pinnacle Soloist Mess Kit

A Cracking Choice For A Solo Adventure


Things We Love

I could say this is the pinnacle of solo Mess Kits, but I'm not that cheesy... It's ideal for taking on those special trips that you can only do solo. It's designed to all fit neatly together for easy storage, and comes in a waterproof container so you'll never have to worry about rain ruining your cooking equipment. As with the other Mess Kits featured in this article it is super lightweight, which makes it perfect for the solo camper.

Things To Know

This incredible kit includes a 1.1L pot, a mug, strainer lid, folding spork and of course the waterproof sack. There is more to this list than you think, firstly the wide mug is really well insulated and doubles as a bowl, and the waterproof sack doubles as a handy little washing up basin.

The design of the kit makes it a must have for your next solo camping trip.

The Best Camping Mess Kit - Your Questions Answered

We know how many decisions you will be making in preparation for your camping trip. And we understand you will have lots of questions. What we like to do in our articles is try to address that by including a frequently asked questions section.

Your Answers Are Just A Short Distance Away, Keep Reading!

What Comes In A Camping Mess Kit?

There is no standard form for a Camping Mess Kit, it is up to you how complex you need your Mess kit to be...

It can be as simple as a pot and a bowl or plate, or it can be on the more complex and more expensive end with a seperate frying pan, mug, any number of pieces of cutlery, strainer, cutting boards amongst other things.

In terms of your basic Camping Mess kit we'd recommend a pot (with a lid), a mug, as well as a plate/bowl or spork for every person.

How Do You Use A Mess Tin?

A Mess Tin is the saucepan/pot that comes as part of the Mess Kit. It can be used for frying ingredients or can be filled with water to boil.

Some Mess Kits will have a few different sized Mess Tins which gives you flexibility for your cooking. In some Mess Kits the lid of the pot (as in some of the products listed above) doubles as the Mess tin and can be used to fry or boil food in!

Can You Use A Mess Kit On A Stove?

Yes you can use the pots and pans from a Mess Kit on the stove. The pots and pans in a mess kit are perfectly capable of handling the heat of a conventional home stovetop, as they are designed to withstand the heat of a direct gas flame.

The temperature of the flames of camping stoves or camp fires varies across the surface of the pan, with a hotspot directly above the flames, which are often a lot hotter than the temperatures of a home oven, so the manufacturers of outdoor cooking equipment have to bear this in mind when designing their Mess Kit.

While conventional pots and pans may be a better choice to cook with at home, you can safely use the pots and pans in a camp mess kit on your stove at home.

Are Mess Kits Dishwasher Safe?

Many modern camping Mess Kits will be dishwasher safe as they are made of sturdy materials that can handle the soapy environment of the dishwasher.

HOWEVER some Mess Kits are made of cast iron or carbon steel and are definitely not dishwasher safe. If you put cast iron or carbon steel in the dishwasher the non-stick surface will be removed and the surface will rust, so you will have to remove the rust and re-season your pots and pans. Not a good idea!

Best Camping Mess Kit For You?

A Buyer's Guide: Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can be a hassle if you're not properly prepared. One essential item for any camping trip is a mess kit. A mess kit typically includes plates, bowls, cups, and utensils, and sometimes also includes a storage container.

When choosing a mess kit, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Number of Campers

Consider the number of people you are camping with. If you are camping with a large group, you may want to look at the contents of the mess kit to avoid carrying duplicates of some items which can happen when everyone has their own set. 

Weight and Size

Consider the weight of the mess kit. If you are camping in a remote location, you may have to carry everything with you, so it's important to choose a lightweight option. Important to take into account the number of people you're feeding. Well designed kits allow compact packing and space saving features are helpful when you are camping in a group.


When camping, it's important to have a mess kit that is both durable and easy to pack. Stainless steel mess kits are some of the most durable and wear-resistant on the market, but they can be heavy and inflexible, making them difficult to pack. Aluminum mess kits are tough and light, are cheaper and heat quickly. Titanium mess kits are rust-free and ultralight, but they can be very expensive. Plastic mess kits are light and can be BPA-free, but they can be heat-sensitive and difficult to clean. Silicone mess kits are reusable and easy to clean. 


When choosing a camping mess kit, consider your needs and preferences in order to find the best option for you. Look for a mess kit with a pot or a pan, cup, fork, spoon, mug and bowl.

Our Choice For A Family Trip

GSI Pinnacle Camper Mess Kit

Our Choice For A Couples Getaway

MSR Quick Camping Mess Kit

Our Choice For Campers On A Budget

Stanley Base Camp Mess Kit for 4

Our Choice For A Lightweight Adventure

Snow Peak Trek Titanium Mess Kit

Our Choice For Solo Expeditions

GSI Pinnacle Soloist Mess Kit

Having a camping mess kit is a really smart way to equip yourself for all your camp cooking endeavours. They're great for backpacking too as they are designed to be compact and easy to include in your pack. Why not have the equipment you need for a great meal in the wilderness? With a camping mess kit it's possible.

Keep Asking Questions And We Will Keep Finding Answers For You.

Make Your Choice A Cracking One!

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