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Do you hate leaving your cat at home, staring back at you through the window as you walk away? Cats love games and what would be better fun than all the excitement of a hike out in the wild? All those lovely new scents and things to see. Don't you wish you could take your cat hiking with you?

Well, thanks to an inspired cat owner who came up with this innovative idea, it is now possible to bring your cat along in a backpack designed with her specific needs in mind. A cat backpack is a great option for cat owners who are looking for a safe and secure way to transport their cats.

Keep reading to see how this cat hiking business works.

How We Uncover The Best For You

We always enjoy doing our research - drawing on our experience, talking to cat owners, reading loads of reviews. We loved preparing this article in particular, as we were given a glimpse into so many wonderful adventures hikers have had with their pets. Have a look at the cat backpacks we found, as well as some other useful tips for a successful hiking trip with your furry friend.

Best For Expandable Space

COVONO Expandable Cat Backpack

A Cracking Choice For Versatility


We Chose This Because:

  • Versatile space options
  • Robust Design
  • Roomy

Things We Love

What I love about the Covono Expandable Cat Backpack is that it was carefully designed to provide your cat with plenty of space to move around and relax. The backpack features a non-collapsible, strong reinforced structure that can be opened from either side or from the top. The cat backpack also includes an optional skylight so your cat can have her head pop out. Great visibility will help put your cat at ease encouraging a positive hiking experience. For added safety, the backpack includes a security rope.

Things To Know

  • Weight limit: max load 18 pounds
  • Length 13.4 inches
  • Width 10.2 inches
  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Bag weight 3.53 inches

We understand how carrying your pet on your back can be quite a tiring and uncomfortable experience with some pet backpacks. Unlike a lot of others on the market, this expandable cat backpack is ergonomically designed and has extra support for your waist and chest, with adjustable chest straps and buckles to enable a comfortable fit. We find that the shoulder strap padding that is extra thick, provides for maximum comfort. The cat backpack can hold up to 18 pounds. The high-quality oxford cloth material is durable and easy to clean, and the cat backpack folds compact for easy storage.

We think this cat carrier backpack is a durable, comfortable and stylish option for those who want their cats to have plenty of space to move around and relax.

Best For Visibility

Halinfer Capsule Cat Bubblepack

A Cracking Choice For Visibility


We Chose This Because:

  • Huge bubble window
  • Versatile carrying options
  • Lightweight

Things We Love

We loved this one for cats who like to see what's on the go. We found that inquisitive kitties like to see what's happening around them. The cat bubble backpack is so called because of the bubble window which is great for visibility. It is lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport your cat.  

The pet carrier backpack also has a large expandable back, which makes it easy to adapt to your cat's particular needs. The cat backpack is very sturdy and can hold a maximum load of 12 pounds. It is portable in that it can be used as a backpack or can be handheld, making it easy to take your cat with you on your travels. It's a great way to take your cat with you on hikes or camping trips, and they'll love being able to explore new places.

Things To Know

  • Weight limit up to 12 pounds
  • Length 13 inches
  • Width 11 inches
  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Bag weight 3 pounds

If you have a cat that enjoys exploring it might help to know that this cat bubble backpack comes with a built-in leash and clip. Much as you want to bring your furry friend along with you, it can be worrying when they streak off, can't it? This way you can keep your cat entertained but safe too.

The designers included lots of ventilation to keep your cat cool. Nevertheless, an optional additional purchase is available if you would like to add the bespoke mini fan, perfect for cooling your pet on very hot days.

After listening to other cat owners, we heard that some cats like this backpack so much that they want to stay in the cat bubble backpack even when it's not in use! The Halinfer Capsule Cat Bubble backpack is a great way to keep your cat safe and comfortable while you're on the go.

Best For Hiking

Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier

A Cracking Choice For Hikers


We Chose This Because:

  • Carrying comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile space

Things We Love

I was so excited when I found the Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier, because it seemed like the perfect solution for hiking. The carrier is made with comfortable shoulder pads and stomach and adjustable shoulder straps support for carrying comfort, and it also has great handy side pockets for storage. Plus, it's lightweight and durable, with a maximum load of 18 pounds.

The Pecute cat backpack is a great way to transport your cat safely and securely. It's also very portable and great for backpacking. And when you need a rest stop the meshed section can be extended out to give your cat more space to stretch her legs. I would highly recommend this product to any cat owner who loves backpacking.

Things To Know

  • Weight limit up to 18 pounds
  • Length 13.2 inches
  • Width 10.6 inches
  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Bag weight 3.53 pounds

It's made from high-quality oxford cloth, which is waterproof, anti-scratch, and nontoxic - perfect really. What I think makes this backpack special is that the carrier features 4 entrances, plenty of breathable windows for ventilation, and anti-escape zips. It also includes a retractable safety rope, which helps keep your cat secure.

And the removable washable pad makes it even more convenient. My cat loves it too - she always feels safe and secure inside, and she loves being able to look out at all the new sights and smells. We found it to be a great option for travel with furry friends. If you love taking your cat with you on adventures, then you need a Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier!

Best Value Lightweight Cat Backpack With Storage

LOLLIMEOW Carrier Backpack

A Cracking Choice For Hikers On A Budget


We Chose This Because:

  • Great value
  • Top viewing option
  • Ventilation

Things We Love

It's not always easy to find a carrier that is both comfortable to carry and safe for the cat, all on a budget. We thought that the LOLLIMEOW Cat Carrier Backpack was fantastic value for a functional and stylish cat backpack.  We liked that it was made from durable mesh material on three sides, as the cat always has plenty of ventilation. The top opening provides a window for her to look out, and there are two entrances from the top or side. It's lightweight and comfortable and can be easily stored when not in use.

Things To Know

  • Weight limit up to 16 pounds
  • Length 15.2 inches
  • Width 11.4 inches
  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Bag weight 2.5 pounds

What we thought was awesome, was how easy the cat backpack was to clean, and were impressed by its scratch resistance.

The soft supportive mat makes it comfortable for your cat to ride, and the shoulder pads with buckle-on straps help to distribute the weight evenly.  The cat backpack has a maximum load of 16 pounds and features functional storage pouches on each side. We used these to carry treats. The cat backpack also has a leash attachment vital for your cat's safety.

Best Foldable Carrier For Small Cats

Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier

A Cracking Choice For Small Cats


We Chose This Because:

  • Compact
  • Foldable for storage
  • Safety features

Things We Love

I was very pleased to find the Morpilot Foldable Backpack Carrier which is both compact and functional.  What I really love is that it is foldable. When you are hiking space is always at a premium so it helps if you can find something that compacts down. Made from durable polyester, it is lightweight and the top carry handle makes it easy to carry.

It is scratch-resistant and the removable and washable cushion ensures your cat stays comfortable. The zippers are lockable for security, and the built-in safety strap will help keep your cat safe. There's also plenty of side storage for all your cat's supplies. And as an added bonus, the cat backpack comes with a collapsible pet bowl for water.

Things To Know

  • Weight limit up to 15 pounds
  • Length 13 inches
  • Width 11 inches
  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Bag weight 3.35 pounds

This cat carrier is best for only small cats due to its compact size. It does however feature plenty of ventilation so your cat can get fresh air when you are out hiking. Four mesh panels offer great visibility, and there is a front and top entrance to the backpack. The top can be open for head protrusion or closed to protect from the sun.

The chest straps, waist and shoulder straps offer you stability and comfort, and the cat carrier can hold a maximum load of 15 pounds to support your cat's weight. We think this small but mighty cat carrier is a cracking choice it you're short on space.

Best Cat Backpack For You?

Best Cat Backpacks Buyer's Guide: Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but when you want to bring your cat along for the adventure you will need to think things through carefully. We thought it might help if you saw what we took into account when we made our choices.


Cat backpacks are great for keeping your cat safe. First and foremost, it's important to choose an escape-proof cat backpack - after all, the last thing you want is for your feline friend to make a break for it while you're out and about! Lockable zips and a leash attachment are really useful features to look out for. It's important to choose a cat backpack with strong, durable zips that won't snag or break easily.


If you can find a cat backpack made from claw-resistant material, that's a great start!

Secondly, the bottom of the backpack must be able to withstand the weight of your cat - no one wants a sagging backpack!

And don't forget your own comfort. Adjustable padded shoulder straps really help make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.


A cat backpack that is easy to clean is really important. Some will have removable cushions and innards. The choice of fabric will also have an impact on how easy it will be to keep clean.


You want your furry friend to be happy so give her likes and dislikes some thought.

If she is the curious type who enjoys keeping track of her environment, make sure to look for a cat backpack that has windows or openings for visibility. If she enjoys being snug you may choose a backpack helps her feel less exposed.

Having a cushion or padding is perfect for a soft bed for your cat. There are a variety of backpacking pillows that you could use if your cat wants additional comfort.

Space to move around in is also important. That is why expandable cat backpacks are so useful, as are backpacks with dedicated space adaptations, like the Bubblepack.

Cat Backpack Comparative Chart

The Best Cat Backpacks - Your Questions Answered

Ok, I have to confess. I never knew what a variety of cat backpacks there was on the market. It's been fun finding out though. Cat carrier backpacks with padded shoulder straps, mesh windows, or a bubble window. So much choice! With various shapes and sizes available it's good to know you can find one your travel cat can call her holiday home. We always include a selection of questions other hikers have asked about cat backpacks to help you make your choice.

Your Answers Are Just A Short Distance Away, Keep Reading!

What Do I Need To Know About Cat Backpacks?

First of all, don't worry - your cat is not going to be stuck in a stuffy backpack for hours on end. In fact, most cat backpacks are designed for comfortable trips and adventures, so your feline friend will not be cooped up and uncomfortable. There are many options from buying a deluxe pet carrier backpack to simply getting a sturdy cat backpack without the bells and whistles. That said, there are a few things you should know before hitting the road with your kitty in tow.

Make sure you choose a backpack that's the best cat backpack for both you and your cat's comfort. Look for a pet carrier with a chest strap. It should have padded shoulder straps or adjustable shoulder straps. Plenty of air holes for ventilation so your cat doesn't overheat.

You'll also want to look for a cat backpack that has lots of space for large cats to move around and stretch out - no one likes being cramped up! The cat backpack must have room for your cat to turn around and sit up. It might be worth measuring your cat from head to base for length and height and weight to help choose the right size.

Once you've got the perfect cat backpack, it's time to get your cat used to it.

Do Cats Like To Travel In Backpacks?

Some cats seem to love traveling in a cat backpack, while others clearly don't. It seems to come down to each individual cat's personality and how well they were introduced to their new home from home. Some kitties get a real kick out of being up high and seeing the world out of a bubble window from a new perspective, while others just find it uncomfortable and stressful.

So if you're thinking of taking your cat on a hiking trip, it's definitely worth trying out different styles of other cat backpacks to find the best cat backpacks for your feline friend.

Start by letting them sniff and explore the carrier on their own terms. Then, try putting a few treats inside to entice them in. Once they're comfortable going in and out of the backpack, you can start taking short trips around the house.

Slowly increase the time your cat spends on your back. Adjust the shoulder straps, introduce your cat to the bubble window or mesh windows and just generally get used to the cat backpack until you feel ready to try a short walk outside with your fur baby.

Finally, remember that cats are creatures of habit. If you want your cats to enjoy riding in their cat backpacks, make it a positive experience by offering rewards and plenty of love and attention. With a little patience and effort, you'll be able to take your cat on all sorts of new adventures!

Can I Use A Backpack As A Cat Carrier?

Before you decide that you will use a regular backpack you might want to consider a few things:

First, your primary goal should be your cat's comfort and safety. So with any backpack you choose you should have that in mind. That's why we recommend buying a cat backpack designed for carrying pets.

Think about how your cat likes to travel. Does she like being in small spaces? If so, then a cat backpack might be the perfect carrier for her. If your cat prefers to have more room to move around, an extendable cat backpack might be the best option.

Take into account the size of your cat. If she's on the smaller side, then a cat backpack might work fine. But if she's on the larger side, make sure the carrier is big enough for her to comfortably move around in. Larger cats will need more space than smaller cats.

Think about ventilation - the last thing you want is for your cat to overheat in a cramped and stuffy space. The cat backpack must have good ventilation - mesh windows or air holes so your furry friend doesn't have trouble breathing comfortably. Bring along water too and stop for stretching time regularly.

Finally, think about your own comfort level. Try to find a cat backpack with padded shoulder straps and a waist strap if possible. Cat backpacking can be pretty tiring, especially with large cats so make sure you're up for the challenge before you hit the road!

How Do You Hike With A Cat?

Hiking with a cat may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite straightforward if you take a few key precautions. So, is using a cat backpack cruel? Not with the right backpack and not if you prepare your cat for the experience. Hiking with your cat is possible, but it does require a bit of planning so your cat does not become distressed. Before you even start the hike, make sure you have had time to build a habit with your cat.

Make sure that your cat is comfortable with being carried in a cat backpack or on a leash.

If your cat is not used to being outdoors, start by taking short hikes near your home before venturing into more wilderness areas. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the local wildlife and terrain before setting out on a hike with your cat.

Once you are both prepared, choose a route that is not too strenuous, and be sure to bring plenty of food and water for both of you.

When you're ready to start hiking, make sure to hold onto the backpack tightly so your cat doesn't run off. Be prepared for your cat to try and get out of the backpack carrier during the hike, so keep an eye on it at all times.

To avoid escape, avoid designs that open up at the top, options with meshing or a transparent plastic opening are better.

Try attaching a tether or leash so that if your cat does escape your backpack they will be stopped in their tracks. If needed, give your cat a few treats during the hike to keep it happy and engaged.

With a little preparation, hiking with your cat can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you.

How To Get Your Cat Used To The Backpack

A new cat hiking backpack can be a big adjustment for your cat. Follow these steps to help them get used to it.

When you first get the cat backpack, open it up and leave it in the middle of your room. This will give your cat a chance to explore it and get used to the idea of the bubble window, for instance.

Encourage positive associations. Treats and even your cat's food bowl nearby and then eventually placed inside the backpack will help it feel like home. Gamify the process and leave treats in the pockets or other places in the cat backpack for your cat to find.

Once they seem comfortable, try taking them for little walks at a time making sure the experience is a positive one. You may need to start with just a few minutes at a time and build up to longer periods.

Be patient and give them plenty of time to get used to the cat backpack carrier. With a little patience, your cat will be enjoying hikes with you in no time.

With thanks to Cat School

How Do You Wash A Cat Backpack?

Most cat backpacks are designed with your pet in mind and you will need to clean the backpack after a hike.

There will generally be a pad at the base of the backpack. This is there to keep your cat comfortable and helps protect the base of the bag itself from sharp claws. Most manufacturers are sure to make this pad removable so that you can take it out of the cat backpack for cleaning.

Once you have removed the debris and excess cat hair, feel free to wipe the bag down with lukewarm water and mild detergent (being aware of skin sensitivity).

If you have opted for a machine-washable cat backpack you will find it easier to deal with any accidents your cat has had.

When your backpack is washed then put it out to air dry.

Who Invented Cat Backpacks?

Taylor Sun designed the first cat backpack and considers her best cat bubble backpack her 'greatest inspiration'. She lives in New York. She planned to make it easier for cat owners to bring their cats along when they were out. Thanks to this creative cat owner, we now can understand the concept of a travel cat that can travel wherever dogs can and experience the world outside of their home.

How Do I Get My Cat To Walk On A Leash?

It can be a challenge to get your cat to walk on a leash, but it's not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Start by gradually getting your cat used to the leash. Put it on them for short periods of time and reward them with treats when they behave well.

Make sure the leash is comfortable for your cat. Use a soft fabric leash that won't chafe their skin and attach a safety harness if possible.

Take your time and be patient. It may take a few tries before your cat is fully comfortable with walking on the cat's leash.

Remember pet parents always have the option of a cat carrier backpack, and having read through this article, I hope that you will find the best cat backpack for your cat.

Why should dogs have all the fun? With a bit of planning, and finding the right cat backpack, you can soon be sharing the outside world with your feline friend. We have showcased 5 great choices for you.

Our Choice For Expandable Space

COVONO Expandable Backpack

Our Choice For For Visibility

Halinfer Capsule Bubblepack

Our Choice For Hiking

Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier

Our Choice For Hikers On A Budget

LOLLIMEOW Carrier Backpack

Our Choice For Small Cats

Morpilot Foldable Backpack Carrier

Enjoying your hike in the great outdoors can now be a shared experience for your cat with the cat backpack she has grown to love. Doing the research for this article was so much fun! I really hope that finding a great cat backpack, means you will be having as much fun with your cat as possible, as soon as possible.

Keep Asking Questions And We Will Keep Finding Answers For You.

Make Your Choice A Cracking One!

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