Welcome to your wild flower hiking adventure! You are embarking on a journey to see the Spring flowers that are blooming out in the wilderness. The journey will take you through some beautiful fields and up a steep mountain. Are you up for the challenge?

Part 1

It's decided: this is the year you see those wild flowers! Excitedly you grab your backpack and head out the door. It's a beautiful bright Spring morning, but you notice it is still a bit chilly. You just have time to grab something to keep you warm. What do you choose?

A. Do you grab your hiking vest that will keep your chest warm while giving your arms the freedom to move?

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B. Do you grab your hiking gloves as you know you will heat up as soon as you begin exercising and its your fingers that are cold?

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If you chose A, go to part 2. If you chose B, go to part 3.

Part 2

Just down the trail a bit you get your first glimpse of a field of wild flowers. You stop to admire them and take some photographs. You are so glad you brought your vest along as you are warm enough when you stop walking. You stand there for some time breathing in the crisp air. You spot some movement in the field and you are curious. You are keen to see if its an animal or bird

A. Do you keep walking in the direction of the movement bring your backpacking axe with you in case you need it?

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B. Do you grab your binoculars?

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If you chose A, go to part 4. If you chose B, go to part 6.

Part 3

You start walking along briskly as you are keen to get to see the wildflowers up the mountain path. The path is steep as it winds its way through long grass. You are glad of your gloves as the long grass is rough to the touch. As you turn a corner you are amazed to see the wildflowers growing everywhere. In cracks and crevices, in gravel and amongst the long grass, there is color just everywhere. You keep climbing and when you get to the top you are rewarded with the most beautiful view. You have worked up quite a sweat and decide its time for a rest.

A. Do you take a drink from your gallon water bottle?

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B. Do you boil some water for tea in your camping kettle?

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If you chose A, go to part 5. If you chose B, go to part 7.

Part 4

You walk through the long grass as quietly as possible to see if you can spot any wildlife. You hear a noise up ahead and scuttling noises too. As you get closer you see that it is a tiny animal that has got its leg caught in the fork of a branch. Luckily you have your axe with you and with very little effort on your part, you are able to free the animal. You watch as it scuttles off to join the rest of the family.

Part 5

As you stop for a drink, you become aware of the scent around you. The air is filled with perfume from the hundreds of flowers. If you are quiet enough you can hear the bees going about their business.

Part 6

As you scan the field you notice some birds take off into the sky. They soar above you catching the thermals and gliding higher and higher. You watch them for a while and then spend some time looking at the beautiful daffodils that have pushed up through the soil. There are so many that the field looks like a yellow smudge in a painting. You use your binoculars to see them as they seem to be growing right up to the horizon.  You have enjoyed using your binoculars, but you don't want to carry your them all the way.

A. Do you store them in your backpack?

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B. Do you attach them to your hiking belt?

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If you chose A, go to part 9. If you chose B, go to part 10.

Part 7

You set up your equipment and soon the sound of bubbling water blends with the sounds of the birds and insects chirping. You sit quietly and enjoy your warm drink making sure to leave no trace behind you when its time to explore further.

Part 8

You set off again in search of a field of poppies you have been told about. Poppies are your favorite flower and you have brought along a sketch pad, so you can spend some time sketching and drawing the beautiful wild flowers as they nestle in amongst the grass.

Part 9

As you open your backpack to store your binoculars, you spot your water color paints and paintbrushes. You are reminded that you need to push on further, as you have your heart set on painting the field of poppies you can see in the distance. You buckle up your backpack and stride out with renewed enthusiasm.

Part 10

As you stride along you can feel your binoculars swinging. You are glad to have them to hand ,as you know you will need them soon to help you find your way to a field of beautiful poppies. You want to do a photoshoot with the red wildflowers as backdrop. You make good progress and soon you can see a fork in the trail. You grab your binoculars to see if you can spot the poppies. Far into the distance you see a red blur. Its to the right so that's where you need to go! You stride along happily with a bounce in your step.

Part 11

As you climb the last few steps to a plateau you can feel your excitement building. And then there they are! As far as you eyes can travel is a sea of red poppies. As they bob in the wind they make a rustling sound that comes in waves. Taking in the beauty around you, you feel your creative juices rising. In this place of beauty you are inspired to create yourself. You find a good spot, seat yourself and while away the afternoon creating your art.

As the sun sets you amble home content with the wonderful wildflower adventure you've had!

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